Queen Victoria’s visit to Perth in 1842

From the Perthshire Advertiser – Thursday 08 September 1842


Daughter of kings, with graceful mien,
Thou when Earth wears loveliest green,
And forest leaves are glittering sheen.
All gaily clad, to greet a Queen—
The good, the fair Victoria.

Thou com’st when heard blythe reaper’s strain,
When Autumn’s treasures glad each plain—
Type thy plenteous, peaceful reign,
Queen of our hearts, Victoria.

Thou comest when mild and bright our skies,
And winds are hush’d to lovers’ sighs,
And Nature’s placid ecstasies
Repay thy smile, Victoria.

Thou com’st when, on the mountain’s side,
Lingers the sun in summer pride,
While fairy lights and shadows glide—
In crimson blush, heath-bells deep-dyed,
At presence of Victoria.

The deer from his lair will leap,
The heath-fowl’s wing o’er moorland sweep,
And Echo startle from long sleep,
At coming of Victoria.

Light be that heart in tent or tower,
Thy slumber soft at midnight hour:
On bank and brae—all shine, no shower,
To damp thy joy, Victoria.

In merry England, oft day-dream
Must lead thy thoughts to rock and stream,
’Mid faery-land’s sweet visioned gleam;
Will that bright eye still brighter beam,
To think of us, Victoria.

Perhaps thou’lt hush thine Albert’s bairn
With legend wild of cave or cairn,
Or harrowing tale of outlaw stern.
Brought from the North, Victoria.

The clearest sky will sometimes lower—
And should rude breath assail sweet flower,
Our kingdom’s love is thy rich dower—
Come back to us, Victoria.

Majestic Tay, thine image true,
And silver Earn, thine eye of blue,
Shall long reflect, and homage do
To Mary and Victoria!

In lordly hall, ‘neath regal dome,
Where Prince and Princess deign to come,
May happiness each scene illume,
And glittering star and nodding plume,
Be leal to dear Victoria!

Upon the lake, along the moor,
Amid the chace, in lady- bower,
Thy life guards—loves of rich and poor—
Kind Heaven thy joy and peace ensure,
On Scottish ground, Victoria.

In safety stay, in gladness go,
Without offence—without one foe
A People’s blessings overflow
Thy youthful head, Victoria.

5th September.